About Us

Management Objective
Recognizing our responsibilities as industrial supplier/manufacturer, we shall devote ourselves to the progress and development of society / industrial environment and the well-being of our people through key business activities, thereby enhancing the quality of life throughout the globe.

Company Mission
Any organization or society can only function successfully in the longer term if its members subscribe to a common set of values. Companies like Global Industries is no exception. At Global Industries, our Vision and Mission Statements are our creed for realizing our aspirations.

Business Approach
In large-scale organizations, the factual approach must be constantly nurtured by higher management. The more layers of authority through which facts must pass before they reach the decision maker, the greater the danger that they will be suppressed, modified, or softened so as not to displease management. For this reason, senior management must keep reaching for facts. Unless they make visible efforts to seek and act on facts, major problems will not be brought to their attention, the quality of their decisions will decline, and the business will gradually get out of touch with its environment.