Global Industries is a global sourcing company and is based in India. We provide a single contact point for ordering, paying and consolidating shipments to achieve ideal cost containment. Our office is near the port of Mangalore (India), Mumbai(India), Kandla(India). We provide to our customers the many facilities and services which are essential ingredients for successful importing.

We provide comprehensive consultancy and procurement services, ensuring that our clients requirements are met from the initial enquiry right through to final delivery. Our mission is to proactively integrate and coordinate common and specialized items and materials, processes, designs, technologies, and suppliers across worldwide purchasing, engineering, and operating locations.

Even leading companies are relying on expertise to help them save time, save money, streamline business and sharpen their competitive edge. With our unique approach our clients capatilise on the offshore advantages – lower cost, higher speed and high quality. – Ample reason for discerning enterprises to feel confident about building business.

We provide consulting and trading services to companies. Assisting in the implementation of strategies for sourcing and/or manufacturing overseas. We help minimize financial risks, reduce productions costs, and maintain quality standards while maximizing your profits. We audit and screen our suppliers/manufacturers.

Importing products from other countries can add a new dimension to your business. New and innovative products can create an original and exciting mix of merchandise giving your company a competitive edge in the market place.

We take the daunting task of sourcing and importing products away. We pave the way for sourcing and smooth delivery.

In our daily procurement processes we come across potential new businesses, franchises and business ideas. We assist entrepreneurs in establishing a market for products that we identified.